Welcome to the University of Cumbria Nursing Blog. This blog has been created by student nurses with the help of academic and support staff, to guide and support students through the three year nursing degree.

The aim of this blog is to have a positive impact on student nurses, of all fields, during their time at the University of Cumbria. We will share tips on how to get the most out of University and placement and hopefully encourage and assist other students to grow and develop into compassionate, empathetic and resilient nurses.

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This site is curated by the University of Cumbria based Student Wellbeing Ambassadors, a student led health care initiative, promoting student and public wellbeing. Follow us on Twitter @CumbriaSWA to keep up to date with the Nursing Blog and our latest wellbeing projects.

Please note that all information within this blog was correct at the time of publishing, and should not be treated as an exhaustive or definitive source of information.